Our Clients are completely satisfied with the work we do for them -

When we realized that our network was completely out of date when we tried to install a critical business application, but couldn't run it because we didn't have the hardware or the operating system that was required.  Big Sky Technologies stepped in and explained exactly what was needed - and why.  They only gave us what we really needed to operate our new software.  We started a maintenance plan to keep our system on track and avoid any future technical challenges.

- Deborah Langley
CEO, Breitling Enterprises

Our company was growing exponentially and we really needed to look like a company with a presence on the technical side of business.   We developed a website in a short time and hosted our website and our new email with Big Sky Technologies.  We also hired Big Sky Technologies to consult us with our network infrastructure.  They saw what we needed and had the new equipment installed with very little downtime.  Our new equipment has made our engineering and accounting departments run much more efficiently than ever before!

- Michael Dunford
President, Harris Engineering

Big Sky Technologies was extremely knowledgable when it came to designing our network for our new building.  We never realized how much you actually have to think about when it comes to setting up an apparently simple network - but it's not that easy.  After carefully determing what our usage was going to be, we figured out what our equipment and configuration needs were.  Now we're pretty much set for a few years of growth without having to constantly upgrade!

- Jerry Zimmermann
President, Z-Pack Industries

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